Music is a fabulous art, it allows us to have fun anywhere. If we are running an errand, stranded in traffic or in a doctor’s waiting room, we can use our devices to play music and thus liven up tedious experiences.

Nevertheless; sometimes there are audios in rudimentary formats that cut our inspiration because they cannot be played on our devices. WAV is one of them.

WAV is a digital audio format that is regularly uncompressed, which makes it very heavy and hardly compatible with cell phones and IPODs. In the past it was widely used, but today it has been falling into disuse because there are other lighter formats with better quality.

If you have audio files in WAV and you need to save space on your Ipod, mac or cell phone, it is best to convert them to MP3.

Format converters

You may be wondering which converter you can use to transform your WAV files to MP3. The answer is easier than you think.

Movavi is an audio file converter that transforms from WAV to MP3 or vice versa, in a fast process, easy to use and always maintaining quality.

What should we do to convert the audios from WAV to MP3? This is a simple question to answer, we only download Movavi , we choose the WAV file that we need to transform, we choose the MP3 output format or vice versa -the conversion can also be done the other way around-, we select the destination folder and we click the button. conversion. When the audio is ready, the output folder will open automatically and we will have our MP3 audio to be used in the way we need.