Excursions and Camps


Outdoor Education

This course allows students to explore the marine environment, learn about snorkeling/kayaking equipment, and learn how to identify native and introduced marine species. Students will also develop their aquatic confidence through participation in snorkeling and kayaking activities. In the cooler months students will experience a variety of short walks on Mt. Wellington and surrounding areas. Alongside this, students will develop their navigation skills through mapping work and orienteering. They will also cover units in overnight camp preparation. The course culminates with a multi-day camp in either Freycinet or Fortescue National Parks, where all of their skills are put to the test!


Mount Hotham Trip

The Grade 9 and 10 Mt Hotham Skiing and Snowboard Trip has become a fantastic addition to our boys education program at NTHS. The trip is a 6 day action packed adventure that will leave all students smiling from ear to ear with exciting stories to tell for years to come. It provides an opportunity for students to engage in controlled risk taking, essential for the development personal well-being and the development of the male adolescent brain.

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World Challenge Trip

The World Challenge Trip provides educational expeditions in the developing world which teach life skills, foster the concept of volunteering and engage students in trekking. It stretches minds and learning outside the boundaries of the classroom. The itinerary fosters team work and leadership skills. Students will explore the vast wilderness of a developing country, volunteer for a week in a community based project and embark on a significant trekking adventure. They will be learning about very different cultures and making a real difference to communities through volunteer work.

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Central Australia Tour

As New Town High’s longest-running trip, the Central Australia Tour is a rite of passage of sorts for senior students. Boys fly directly to Uluru then, over the course of the next twelve days, bus up to Darwin. Departure is typically on the last Wednesday of Term Two (July), returning on the second Monday of the school holidays. The group have their own bus, bus driver and cook for the duration of the tour.

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AFL and ADP Melbourne Trip

The Grade 9 and 10 AFL athlete development trip has become an extremely important part of the New Town High School trip calendar. The trip is a 4 day experience where students are exposed to elite AFL training programs and AFL staff whilst watching live games to enhance their understanding of what is required to play AFL at the highest level. The itinerary allows students to develop knowledge of essential aspects of team travel, including strength and conditioning, recovery, hydration, nutrition, sleep patterns and time management skills. The focus of the trip is around education of the AFL player, but there is a strong focus on what it takes to be a good team mate and to have a good time so as to remember the trip for many years to come.