Our Purpose


To develop Good Men who are ready to achieve a year 12 or equivalent qualification.


Our school has a long tradition in nurturing the future leaders in our community both on the local and global stage. We are good at it and along with the 8 Rhode Scholars we have produced our old boys are leaders in many fields and have achieved great things for humanity.

We have invested a lot of time identifying the attributes and skills we believe forms the basis of a Good Man from New Town High School.

Our responsibility is to ensure we have all of our resources and programs lined up effectively to achieve this.  We believe we can only achieve this if we have a highly systematic approach in place to ensure that all our boys obtain the skills and attributes needed to be successful in learning after they leave Grade 10.

Part of this is the attitude our boys need to strive for personal excellence, even when faced with adversity.  It is what many call GRIT – that ability that successful people have to not let their personal circumstances and hardship get in the way of achievement.

Our staff are continually reviewing and rewriting our school wide curriculum to take into account the sort of young men we want to develop and the core skills they need for success in year 11 and 12.

As well as the formal curriculum our boys experience special programs such as disability awareness training, leadership training, diversity awareness, resilience training and others. These programs are designed to provide opportunities to explicitly teach character traits and provide authentic opportunities to practice new capabilities.

We also use a broad range of extracurricular activities as a platform for our boys learning to be a good man.  We are well known for our outstanding performances on the sporting field and in music.

Our staff work tirelessly to ensure students are well supported in the learning and pastoral needs.

Our 100th year celebration will be conducted in 2019.  As part of this we are reaching out to former students to strengthen the activity of our old boys in assisting us at the school to raise Good Men.


Our Values


ASPIRATION –        a culture of high expectations and high achievement

RESPECT –        respecting ourselves, others, our past and our environment

COURAGE –        accepting challenges and embracing opportunities

GROWTH –        improving by always learning and finding better ways to do things