School Association

The School Association of New Town High School is committed to supporting and representing the parents of the school.

Grandparents Day 2014 137

The School Association meets once a month on the last Tuesday of the month and all parents are warmly invited to attend. The focus of the School Association is to support the staff and students at New Town High through attending events, raising funds and supporting the various projects and programs offered by the School. 


School Association Committee members 2015

Chairperson: Nick Jatan

Deputy Chairperson: Jenny Grandfield

Secretary: Rosemary Beswick

Treasurer: David O’Brien

School Reps: Jason Szczerbanik, Grace Guerzoni, Karin Hodel

Parent Reps: Karen Commane, Debora Bryan


Contributions to the School

Each year the School Association raises funds through parent donations and social events. These funds are in turn used to support a range of projects and programs around the school.

In 2014, the School Association was pleased to fund the following for the school:

  • – Purchasing books for the Book Club
  • – Wireless Microphones for the Art Department 
  • – Music Camp Funding
  • – Croquet Set for the School
  • – Soccer Tops for the HPE Department

The School Association welcomes suggestions, questions and comments from parents and members of the wider school community. Please feel free to use the suggestion box on this page.